aliexpress store wholesale products-Top Aliexpress Alternative Cheap Supplier for Shopify Amazon Dropship, Lazada dan Shopee Wholesaler

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Top Aliexpress Alternative for Cheap Products Supplier for Shopify , Amazon Dropship, Lazada dan Shopee
➡️Early bird price $9.97 Complete Buy And Source From China 1688 and Taobao (shopee and lazada)

➡️Panduan Borong China CEO (in Bahasa Malays)

Hi guys I am Weng honn here , so you are wondering which supplier should you be using for your dropshipping or to buy bulk from china ?This is the video that you need to watch.
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In this video I will do a comparison between Aliexpress and cj dropshipping . And it is up to you which you want to choose at the end of day ok.
Now lets dive in.
First of all lets have a quick introduction for this 2 platform.
Aliexpress is a platform where consist of sellers from around the world mainly from china , that is selling on it .
Cj dropshipping on the others is a service where you can buy products from major china website such as Taobao , 1688 and also aliexpress ,through cj dropshipping.So , in short , with cj dropshipping , you get to buy from the top 3 biggest ecommerce platform from china .
What about dropshipping with aliexpress and cj dropshipping ?
This is the major distinguish between aliexpress and cj dropshipping .
Aliexpress .
Yes you can dropship from aliexpress by manually copy and paste the products image that you wan , and post it on your shopify store , shopee and Lazada store , when customer buy from you , you buy from aliexpress , and they will sent to your customer .
Whereelse for cj dropshipping ,
You can auto sync your products from aliexpress , taobao and cj dropshipping by a few clicks. It is just like oberlo for shopify to auto sync with aliexpress. But with cj dropshipping , you can auto sync not only from aliexpress , but also Taobao and 1688 .
Which platform cj dropshipping is supporting ? Cj dropshipping is currently supporting major ecommerce platform such as shopify , ebay , woocommerce , shipstation amazon ,Lazada and shopee.
For Lazada and shopee there are not currently supporting Malaysia Lazada and shopee case you are wondering.
Lets talk about products pricing and shipping comparison for aliexpress and cj dropshipping.
For example , If you are planning to do a auto sync dropshipping with your shopify store.
Lets compare the products pricing and shipping comparison
For example you are selling on shopify and you source your products from aliexpress , and I am on shopify too but I source from 1688 .
And you are selling to Malaysia.For an example.
We will just do a direct apple to apple comparison with the same products .
Just for example Lanbena facial mask . I have actually ordered this facial mask in bulk with cj dropshipping after I realized the huge price gap .
Fist of all , in aliexpress , it is seling at US $4.12 / lot (4 pieces) so , per piece is 1.03 usd .
So , as you can see , the cheapeast shipping fees will be 3.88 usd for 18-30days.
And the free one will by November 1 , we are definitely not going to use that.
On the other hand for cj dropshipping , we can direct buy from 1688 .
And the price is way more cheaper in 1688 . with only 0.14usd per piece with 20 pieces moq.10 times cheaper than in aliexpress.
If you are wondering , how much will it cost to buy 20 pieces from ali , it will be 20.6usd after 2dollars discount for all purchase over usd 15.
With 1688 is only 2.8 for 20 pieces , is 7 times cheaper . So , if you are wondering why some sellers can sell their products at such dirt cheap price , it is legit? Yes it is , because they know the right place to buy but you don’t .
Lets look at the shipping cost.
So total I have paid 9.59 usd for my shipping fees , and this is for 60 pieces of facial facial mask plus 3 black head mask .
And total I paid for 60 facial mask plus 3 black head mask is only 22.22
Do you see the different?
In aliexpress , you pay 20.6usd to get 20 pieces of mask , but with cj dropshipping I only need to add 2usd , and I get to buy 60 pieces of mask plus 3 black head mask .
If you still cannot see how huge is the different and opportunity , please watch this everyday just like what you di with and .
I have put the link for cj dropshipping at the comment box below , in case any fast action taker here that want to start right now. You can just go down to the link below this video and start working on it.
What about the shipping duration with cj dropshipping?
For express , it will take 7-15 days ya .well steill faster than aliexpress.
And a add on bonus with cj dropshipping is that , they have customer service that is super good.

aliexpress store wholesale products-Top Aliexpress Alternative Cheap Supplier for Shopify Amazon Dropship, Lazada dan Shopee Wholesaler
aliexpress store wholesale products-Top Aliexpress Alternative Cheap Supplier for Shopify Amazon Dropship, Lazada dan Shopee Wholesaler
  1. Cj Dropshipping Free Register:


    ➡️Early bird price $9.97 Complete Buy And Source From China 1688 and Taobao (shopee and lazada)





  2. Hi Weng Honn, good day, if my customer just purchased 20 pcs only? you mean we need to keep 40 pcs, this is not dropshipping,

    CJ Dropshipping does not support Shopee Malaysia,

    Can you do a video for Toonies Dropshipping, Please refer the link:

    Thank you, have a nice day

  3. best combination for dropship CJ+1688

  4. You were saying does not support shipment for Malaysia lazada and Malaysia shopee right ?
    So i can auto sync wit Singapore shopee? Just to check??

  5. Hi sir I already open dropship account in CJ but when I open 1688 can't connect with CJ open new one page and sing up after also can't connect with CJ

  6. Sir can you make one more how can all to z

  7. Hi. do you have another payment option? I can't use my card
    do you have paypal?
    Thank you

  8. Hi sir,would like to ask wether we can intetgrate cj dropshiping +amazon…do they allow the purchased products to be aend to amazon?

  9. I'm sorry if I have stupid questions. I'm new to this dropshipping biz. Does my buyer need to purchase bulk orders so I avail the discounts or is it accumulated in a month or so?

  10. I'm from Philippines. i am interested about dropshipping but i don't have any ideas

  11. Can we source products fr 1688 n syn with shopee or lazada singapore?

  12. Does it work for Indonesia too?

  13. Anyone can translated to english? I dont understand chines

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