amazing-The perfect Homage Hruodland F008Q First impressions #aliexpress

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Another Hruodland watch from Aliexpress. But is it going to be as amazing at my Pilot Turbine?

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Below are affiliate links for my absolute favorite watches on Aliexpress. Each of them I have owned and had positive experiences with the stores that they are linked to.

San Martin SN004-G (my favorite San Martin Watch):

Berny AM038M (The best super affordable mechanical watch):

Or the Berny railway homage:

Tactical Frog H5 (Simply stunning):

Escapement Time Type-B Flieger H0292 (Incredible. So well made and a joy to wear):

Or the Chrono Quartz alternative that is super affordable (Escapement Time):

Gustav Becker (This one surprised me how much I love it):

Hruodland Turbine Pilot (The best watch on Aliexpress…… yes I said it):

This watch goes out of stock a lot so if it’s not available at that store then check this one out:

RMALTI Grand GMT Homage featuring the Seiko NH34:

SEESTERN: SE2021-OO2DOXA V2 (well made and a great homage):

My favourite engineered bracelet (I use mine all the time):

Cronos Sub Homage with the PT5000 (so well made):

SEAGULL 1963 (It is so loved for very good reasons):

Pagani Design Pilot Watch PD-YS003 (hands down my favorite Pagani Design watch):

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amazing-The perfect Homage Hruodland F008Q First impressions #aliexpress
amazing-The perfect Homage Hruodland F008Q First impressions #aliexpress
  1. I'm very impressed by the look of this watch James. Of course bronze will add to the price I suppose. Gorgeous dial, not mad about the original because of the hour hand. It's a bit marmite and a reason I'm not crazy about the original. However if you like it, this watch is a good option and certainly cheaper than the original. It's worth the money.

  2. Nice timely pickup Mate! Stunning package.
    My budget has crept up over time from Alisale grabs for modding to Ltd Ed microbrands, very deep rabbit hole 22/23..

  3. It’s not a particularly cheap AliExpress watch it it is truely amazing.

  4. Thats a nice one!
    Ive been thinking of getting a cignum cero but now you got me thinking.. 😳🙂

  5. I must say, this is a beauty, everything looks well thought out. BTW good review James.

  6. A little above what it is worth James. Sadly the bezel isn't perfect at that price bracket it should be. I like the face pattern and the brass case and the leather strap looks ok too. Not crazy about the PT5000 movement, had one stop on me a week after arrival. To be honest it would be better value at around A$300.

  7. Nice watch. The overhead lights are washing out the dial in these shots, is there anything you can do about it?

  8. Beautiful piece I've almost bought it many times I think now I will I'd get rid of the strap and replace with a nice distressed brown suede 20 to 16 taper

  9. Where would i buy a strap like that. Love it.

  10. It’s beautiful James but that buckle is a little large mate. Totally agree.

  11. Looks like someone pilot collection is growing do you take them when you fly I do 😆

  12. This is a brand I've never purchased mainly because of the name. It's one of the worst AliExpress names there is. I went to their store to look at this watch and to see what else they had and was shocked at their prices! They make San Martin look cheap! Way too expensive for me!

  13. Nice one mate and one I look forward to hearing and seeing your FULL thoughts on 👍👍

  14. Just discovered your channel James and have subscribed. I don't have any hruodland watches yet, but I like what they're doing. That trick with the end links is so simple and looks great. I don't think I'd pay that much for the watch; bronze doesn't really do anything for me but I respect them for not just copying the big brand watches.

  15. If you are into bronze watches, which I am not, this one is pretty fantastic for sure the dial is really awesome, nice find m8!

  16. Suits you well👍
    I love the pilot watches without Logo, thanks to your advise i bought them all.😉
    Love the straps and the finish.
    You should look at their old style distressed steel pilot watches .

  17. this reminds me of those breakfast show infomercials

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