aliexpress new products-AlinaCraft (Alinacutle) New Products Release JUNE 2019 – #Alinacutle #new release #Aliexpress #haul

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Big Butterly:
Butterfly napkin ring:
Butterfly emboss die:
Keychain die:
Mermaid tail box:
Round box:
Album die:
Tea cup:
Layered fame:
Frame with leaf:
Frame with tulip:
Flower frame:
Ribbon organizer/jewelry holder:
Make up:
Shopping girl:
Crafting stamps:
Shake embellishment:
flat diamond :

aliexpress new products-AlinaCraft (Alinacutle) New Products Release JUNE 2019 – #Alinacutle #new release #Aliexpress #haul
aliexpress new products-AlinaCraft (Alinacutle) New Products Release JUNE 2019 – #Alinacutle #new release #Aliexpress #haul
  1. Enjoy your videos and products.

  2. Awesome new dies! I will be checking them out online soon!

  3. Awesome release!!!! I love the mini album set and the shopping girls and the mermaid box and all the gems…well I love them all 😍🥰🤗

  4. Beautiful new dies! Love the napkin ring! Very practical. The boxes are great too! Thank you for showing the size and prices!! Always love your videos!! 🌴😎

  5. I love that there was a sample to show how the dies look cut out! Thank you for doing that!'👌👌👏👏

  6. Wow! Awesome release 😍

  7. I’m just so BORED with this,! ☠️☠️☠️

  8. Wow great stuff love the new boxes and Mermaids!!! Thks 4 putting the prices of each one! Much hugs.

  9. Wonderful release. There are so many to choose from. I love the stamp sets that you color. Would love to see more little girls. Will be ordering soon. Thanks 😊

  10. I am seeing this 6.30 in the morning.. definitely there is something very wrong with me.. I don't buy shoes purses and brands.. but this is my kryptonite..I want it all.. my precious…

  11. Wow lovely products Alina. A tutorial on the album set (the price is so worth it with so many dies) and keychain would be nice. Good job designers!

  12. Very nice dies! Ooh i want the sewing machine! Super cute!
    Thx for showing them cut out, mearsuments and the prices! 👍
    Ooh those tea cups . i need to make a list. The make up and the shopping girls, theres something here for everyone.

  13. Thank you for sharing and including the prces. Awesome pieces.

  14. Esta súper espectacular

  15. These are ripoff designs fm stamp companies in the U.S. I recognize these designs. This is the type of intellectual property theft China is well known for by technology companies. They (China) steal anything then sell it at a steeply discounted price so you think you are getting a great deal.

  16. Good video and I am in love with everything! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ahhh…the Rose die cut. A reminder of one of the first stamps I purchased on becoming a card maker many many yrs ago. Thanks for the memory!! 😀 Truly awesome dies! You have some very talented designers working for you!

  18. This is a great video. I like how you show us what is available and the price. Would be great if you could show us the pieces in a card as well. Thanks!

  19. Can't wait for my DT Package!!!!!

  20. Wow! Fantastic release! Thank you

  21. Génial comme toujours et des tarifs ultra compétitifs !

  22. Me encanto el llavero te quedó elegante y la cajita todo esta bello😄

  23. Can u cut 1 layer of cotton fabric with these dies. Thanks

  24. Love the stamps and dies sets, especially the cat theme. Also love your flat black diamond gems. You do such a good job of showing your products here in a way that is easy to see, very considerate info given too! Thank you!

  25. We love all of your dies. Thank you for making samples of African and/or African American dolls. But please note that our skin is brown, not black. Thank you.

  26. I got my order today and I’m cutting the makeup brushes out now for a swap I’m doing. I love them Thank you so much Diane

  27. I would love some word dies, saying
    Is this possible.
    I have most of your word dies,but none of these.
    I would be really thankful.

  28. How can i buy from amazon can’t finde you !!

  29. I love all the new stuff, especially the dies and gems and wooden frames! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Awesome job showing these items. Are the gems you showed the 6mm size? Thank you.

  31. Nice dies..I want to buy.But I m from India…

  32. Big release! So many pretty things to make. ☺️

  33. Saludos desde florida USA.🙊

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