amazing-Shopping on Aliexpress & Shipping to Kenya: Beware Duties & Taxes!

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Too many of you asked about KRA customs duties and import taxes on my last Aliexpress video ( … here’s how much you’ll have to pay after shopping on Aliexpress (China, Alibaba) and shipping to Kenya!

⏰ Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:14 Customs duty when shipping Aliexpress to Kenya
1:43 How much tax is charged for importing from China
3:01 Items exempted from customs duty
3:26 Is it worth it to ship from China?
3:53 My recommendation: compare Aliexpress with Amazon
4:24 Posta Handling Charges
4:37 Outro / Subscribe!

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amazing-Shopping on Aliexpress & Shipping to Kenya: Beware Duties & Taxes!
amazing-Shopping on Aliexpress & Shipping to Kenya: Beware Duties & Taxes!
  1. The video where I demonstrate my easy way of shopping on Aliexpress:

  2. Hy, I was able to place an order on aliexpress but the only delivery option was the standard shipping by aliexpress. So, Where will i be going to get the parcel?

  3. When i buy an item and says collect to citysquare, leave it alone and council your shipping, you will be charged more than your parcel , but when its shipped to Gpo post office just 100bob only , collect it very fast

  4. i am requesting if you can do a review of the redmi airdots,been thinking about them.Then,what made you choose to ship while they are available locally?

  5. So a parcel don’t attract taxes? Wanted to buy AirPods from AliExpress.

  6. Hi. i have a question. If i ship through kentexcargo do i pay taxes or just the 1500kes/kg?

  7. What if i use sth like kentex cargo or myus

  8. Hi Dickens ..kindly advice on buying kids electric quad bikes on aliexpress or amazon coz l have been searching for them but haven't seen any ..and also which is the best option of bringing them ..if u can get in touch plz

  9. they say delivery about 46-72 days… can the package arrive early or it will arrive on the stipulated date?

  10. hi a huge fan here…. do they charge customs on mobile phones

  11. what if a friend wants to send you a gift and you do not have an address how do i go about there a way of quickly forming a postal address for a ny location in the country

  12. If I shipped someone in Kenya a package of shoes would they have to pay taxes to pick up the package?

  13. We may soon start to order milk from overseas… it's good to know there is tax exemption (sarcasm).

  14. Then under what conditions is your item withheld and u told to pay those taxes?

  15. Hello.thanks for the video very informative…how much tax do you think I will be charged for a set of drawing pencils???

  16. I almost peed on myself when I saw the KRA papers 1bottle a simple beauty oil 😭😭😭I was charged 20k I told them take it back I don't need it😡😡 then a lady tried to explain to me as long as it's in Kenya beauty products just 1bottle doesn't matter the size attracts lots of tax😡😡😡 🚮🚮🚮 this is how Kenyan govt is killing businesses. Biashara ya mafuta nlifunga. Am talking of this year Jan😡

  17. Hello.
    How do you deal with AliExpress when you trying to pay via Mpesa but it says deal closed due to security reasons?

  18. New member in the house 🏡 come to my house roo

  19. This is very informative. Thanks a lot.

  20. You really had to cry🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Is there a service like Kentex Cargo, Savo store or Vitumob that can bring items from Aliexpress (China)?

  22. You said if you use shipping agent there will be extra tax…. Ama?

  23. Can I whatsup you bro I need some further clarifications

  24. Hi Doc how can one get a zip code

  25. Nice video Dickens, quick question though, when you import with Kentex or Savo do they include the taxes in the handling fee or where are the taxes charged.

  26. I want to order something from the US and a shipping company from Instagram is charging 4500KES as handling fees plus 15$ shipping fee. Can I have it shipped by a different company for less? The item is less than 1kg.

  27. Although am late but i want to import trampoline around 30k how much will they charge me ?

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