aliexpress-5 UNBEATABLE AliExpress Cycling Gadgets!

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I’ve bought 1000’s of bike parts on AliExpress over the years, here are 5 of my favourite buys!

*SIROKO CLOTHING* – 10% off (automatically applied via link below):

AliExpress has a bit of a reputation for cheap rubbish, but I’ve been buying virtually all my bike parts from it since around 2018. I must have bought 1000’s of things related to road bikes and cycling over the years, and while some of them have been pretty awful (and in some cases quite dangerous), there are a lot of hidden gems too.

In this episode I’ll cover 5 of those, and you can find my affiliate links to everything talked about below.

Enfitnix Navi800 bike light:

Risk titanium pedal extenders:

RideNow TPU inner tubes:

GIYO toe covers:

iGS630 cycle computer:

YBN Chains:

00:00 – Start
00:19 – Navi800 bike light
01:47 – Risk titanium pedal extenders
03:17 – Ridenow TPU inner tubes
05:16 – Siroko Sponsor
06:55 – GIYO toe covers
08:08 – iGS630 cycle computer
10:23 – YBN chains

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Please note:
I am not a professionally trained bike mechanic. There can be risks associated with using products that are unbranded, untested, or come from sources where the provenance is unknown. Please talk to a qualified bike mechanic if you are in any doubt. In essence, be careful, do your research, and cycle safe!!!

aliexpress-5 UNBEATABLE AliExpress Cycling Gadgets!
aliexpress-5 UNBEATABLE AliExpress Cycling Gadgets!
  1. Thanks to Archy at IGPSport, to get 20% off the iGS630, use the amazon affiliate link in the description, and use the following code at checkout:
    Enjoy!!! 🥖😎🥖

  2. I ride hybrids and have now switched to an ebike urban but will still keep my hybrid
    Talking shoes, obvs I don’t have proper clip shoes I wear gortex trainers, can you answer why I seem to get pain in my feet after about 1hr of riding, shoes fit well lose fit
    Just wondering

  3. Been loving your videos for year. Great info. Haha, upgrade the outfit!

  4. Give us more Trace Velo.
    Your video sent me to Sensah for my first build and even though I upgraded I admire your transparency on all the products.
    Also I have a knee problem that hasn't been solved for months. My hip does trouble me.
    I've been told to lower my cranks to 165mmby friends and read that it's a generally good solution for many anatomical issues, but I'll try the extenders first.
    Thanks for all the hard work Luke, keep up the good work.

  5. Does anyone have experience with the 24g Ridenow innertubes? Luke mentions the 36g version but now there is an even lighter 24g option available.

  6. That Risk brand makes some really nice nuts and screws for everything, including limit screws, derailleur pulley wheel screws, brake mount screws, hydraulic brake hose hardware and more. I have them on my bike and they add a nice bit of bling and finish that hardware manufacturers kind of skimp on.

  7. I can recommend a way better light than that, only downside is the non accessible battery, so not for long ride tours maybe

  8. Imagine still running a tube in 2023. Couldn't be me brother. 😛

  9. that enfitnix looks like a copy of ampp, not necessarily a bad thing. annoyingly , the only way to properly test these type of oe lights is to run them for a month in the rain and muck. all the cheap ones seem to fail quite quickly, i may test this one though based on the recommendation

  10. Hello experts, hello Luke,
    does anyone have any experience with the RideNow TPU tubes ( 3:20 ) in conjunction with rim brakes and aluminium rims? For example, the Tubolitos are only approved for disc brakes because of the risk of overheating. The Aerothans from Schwalbe are explicitly approved for use with rim brakes…

  11. Yeah… I’m sorry but a difference of about £10 for cheaper kit isn’t worth in the slightest, don’t skimp out on your kit.

  12. Igs630 doesnt support strava live segments . Basically useless

  13. i got the light from your advice , i am well happy

  14. if you CAN blind traffic, is it not illegal then? that is why cars with misaligned light are not allowed on road as they can blind other drivers, so cop will confiscate the bike light if too bright I assume?

  15. Luke, the outfit☹☹ sucks, but your channel rocks👍👍! I would really like to see if you chased down any good deals on bicycle tools?

  16. @trace vélo – Luke any concerns with using a YBN chain with a shimano drivetrain? Grt video btw, I’ll be buying at least 1-2 of these products because of your video and dad jeans!

  17. Video on bar tape recommendations would be neat!

  18. can you do a teardown on ltwoo road/gravel shifters?

  19. when a cheap aliexpress powermeter solution?

  20. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for recommending the Enfitnix light. Just got mine in the June sale for £26, delivered in just over a week to UK.

    Excellent quality. I was going to buy the Garmin UT800. For it’s fitment under the computer mount.

    The Enfitnix does the same for much less.

    Cheers 🥖🥖🥖

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