Great-Reviewing My AliExpress Coffee Equipment Haul

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It turns out that there are fun coffee things on AliExpress, but not always in places you expect. I hope you enjoy this video – we had fun making it!
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Lance Hedrick’s Refractometer Video:

0:00 The Bean Rises
0:20 The Proper Intro
1:05 (Mostly) Filter Brewing Things
9:41 Latte Art – The Main Event
16:00 Espresso Things
23:48 Let’s Roast Some Coffee!
27:32 Summary

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Great-Reviewing My AliExpress Coffee Equipment Haul
Great-Reviewing My AliExpress Coffee Equipment Haul
  1. James. Can you please drop a link to the tank dog silicone thing. I actually need something like that

  2. Have you tryed to use a 'popcorn hot air machine' to roast the beans

  3. ROTFLMAO…tasting my face

  4. you kinda start to like Brad Pitt if you own one of these lever machines.

  5. You can take the thing out and just put it in a pot of boiling water I guess.

  6. James, I love coffee, I love the process of making coffee unfortunately I do not have the time to do it myself but I enjoy your videos. This one in-particular, after a horrific weekend and an equally bad day, I watched this video and it managed to lift my spirits! Thank you very much James, David

  7. Nooooo. Keep it on. I prefer Mister Coffee Bean. Give into him, let him take control.

  8. Next, James brewing while tightroping. 😉

  9. I would love a video of you learning how to brew Turkish coffee.

  10. Print a picture of a coffee bean on top of the coffee. "There you are sir, 1503 pounds"

  11. What is the point of the lever machines if they can't make good coffee without a heating element ? And how to design for idiots?

  12. You can tell James was enjoying the spoon scale thing 😂

  13. WOAH! They are expensive! Live in China, so I'm on Taobao. I know that knock box from 3 Bomber is like half the price here. Just learn Chinese, and you're good to go!

  14. Aliexpress is great for small and novel items for sure

  15. Excellent coffee nice description very good job!!!

  16. that roaster sounds exactly like my 30 year old hot air popcorn maker

  17. From my travels to Turkey and Jordan I've drabk a lot of turkish coffee. And they first off drink it with quite a lit of sugar, which makes a big difference. But most of all they use a spice called kardemom in the coffee. I don't know if that was already in the coffee that came with it, but I can imagine if not it could also explain why it'd taste so gross. I am looking forward to a video in the future of you learning how to make it properly because I would also be interested in that myself.

  18. That watch is beautiful! What model is it?

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