amazing-AlinaCraft (Alinacutle) New Products Release JULY 2019 – #Alinacutle #new release #Aliexpress #haul

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Vintage Hexagon Frame Die:
Ros edge frame:
sunlight frame
Clouds border die :
Vintage fan die:
Perfume die:
Dress die:
Mum die:
Doctor & nurse :
Get well soon :
Banner #1 :
Banner #2::
Banner #3:
The whole banner set :
Garland stamps and die:
Snowflake stamps and die:
Seashell die:
Wooden frame #1:
Wooden frame #2:
PVC plastic sheet 10pc:
AlinaCraft(Brand name:Alinacutle),a young brand about crafts from China, ,the die cuts and stamps are original designed by the Designers from Europe,USA and China, their products lines includes metal cutting dies, clear stamps , embossing folders, paper packs and more stuffs for DIY crafts……we aim to create a lovely life with you, come on and enjoy crafts life with AlinaCraft!
You are welcome to visit our store at :

amazing-AlinaCraft (Alinacutle) New Products Release JULY 2019 – #Alinacutle #new release #Aliexpress #haul
amazing-AlinaCraft (Alinacutle) New Products Release JULY 2019 – #Alinacutle #new release #Aliexpress #haul
  1. Lovely new dies I have added to my cart till I can buy them. The lovely new doctor and nurse set is my favourite by far but there is a spelling error on the stamp set where little is spelt incorrectly.

  2. Hi Alina how can I say it and how not to succumb for news dies and guess what I did …. your designers are great so I succumbed for 2 dies that you showed us. While waiting for them receive kisses and hugs from France, Fifi

  3. Can you tell me how to secure the paper thin rose frame to paper. You can't use tape and if glue is applied it may get on the front of the cutout. I would love to hear what you do. Btw, I absolutely love these new die cuts. Thank you for creating.

  4. Thank you for this video..I really loved that you showed the price and a picture of the die when cut out…but what I liked most, there wasn't any talking about stuff that didn't have anything to do with the dies and it was fast! Sorry to say it like that but some people go on and on before getting to the products.

  5. Love all the new dies and your samples! TFS!

  6. Amazing as usual! Great concept of a stamp and die together. Will have to order it!

  7. Love these videos. Some great dies this month.

  8. Love the new products!!!💜

  9. Beautiful new collection 😍

  10. Very nice dies love them all ❤️

  11. Thank you so much for taking my advice in making larger dies. Please let me know how the purchases are going as you were worried about the higher prices. Great work!

  12. At the end you had shown the plastic acetate. Earlier in the year I had asked if you could carry circles squares and heart shaped blister pack shapes for shaker cards. Also create you own shaped dies with coordinating blister pack shapes. Have you been able to get them?

  13. Can you make a larger and medium Ladybug die set?

  14. Love the nurse and doctor die set, the dresses, perfume bottle and sentiments! Just a few of my favs. The rest of the dies and stamps are also fun. TFS more wonderful products!!

  15. Alina, you rock! Love almost everything! I want to see now al the amazing crafts from the design time.

  16. Lovely sets but as Edna said "littel" should be "little".

  17. Thank you love that you showed the size and cut outs
    Is there anyway to see your old orders I’m confused on what I purchased ?

  18. I absolutely love your dies! The variety and designs are great, and your prices are phenomenal. I hate to point this out, I don’t want to seem like a complainer, but I’m sure you would want to correct this error. In the get well soon stamps, the middle one on the left, in the first line “little” is spelled “littel”. The other two “”littles” are spelled correctly. I’m looking forward to receiving my order!❤️

  19. Extremely well done video!

  20. The rise edge frame is stunning

  21. Hello again! Love the nice music clip that you use. Not loud and annoying like some. During the next week, I am going to buy some basic shapes nesting die sets, circles, rectangles, oval and squares, plain edge with stitching. I will be looking in your 2 shops first to see if you have any. I like to check your shops first when I need something, because you were so good to me when my one little hearts die set didn't arrive after 4 months, and then surprisingly showed up after you refunded me. I appreciate your kindness. So if you have any of these basic shapes sets, let me know so that I don't overlook them in your shops. Have a nice day!

    I put this in my Wish List to consider:

  22. Great new dies and stamps. The new dress die set is so lovely, I must get it. Thank you for all the info and examples on the die sets and for adding the prices to the video. It really helps! Blessings

  23. Nice going to order a few

  24. Most beautiful dies. 💕I am nervous to order from AliExpress again as I am waiting for 14 + items to arrive since placing my order March 11/19. Is there a difference shipping time from Alina? I live in BC, Canada.

  25. Oh dear.. the spell checker for the get well stamp sets must be Ill too… its 'little nap' not 'littel'!
    The piece wasn't still enough to spot any other errors..

  26. Looking forward to the August release!

  27. I've been trying for 2 days to place an order on Aliexpress but keep getting a message that some items are not available, however, there is no indication in my cart as to which item(s) those are. Can anyone help with this? It's really frustrating!!!

  28. Hello. I’m in love with some of your die cut and the variety of color in yours embossing power and embellishments. But I can’t find the way to order. Can you tell how and where I have to look for? Thank you 😊

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