aliexpress shopping usa-I Started Dropshipping From Aliexpress To eBay – Here’s What Happened

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I decided to give it a shot and try to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay. As you know I’ve been successful dropshipping from big retail websites onto eBay and now is the time to give a chance to the biggest Chinese marketplace to become my supplier. Will I succeed? 😀

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aliexpress shopping usa-I Started Dropshipping From Aliexpress To eBay – Here’s What Happened
aliexpress shopping usa-I Started Dropshipping From Aliexpress To eBay – Here’s What Happened
  1. Hello Patryck. I have heard drop shipping from Target is impossible now. Is that true?

  2. Liked the video and immediately got 100 new orders 🤭

  3. What are you doing about tracking?

  4. A little bit off topic but when listing with autods, after the listing has uploaded do you then go in and add more item specifics directly editing the ebay listing? The item specifics given on the autods platform are usually just the bare minimum.

  5. Hi there, I'm Australian eBay seller since 2013 but now live in Poland, I successfully drop ship from Ali to eBay. Not the stereotypical drop shipping method however.

  6. Awesome Video bro. I use autods as well. Great tool.

  7. Which dropshipping software do you recommend?

  8. How does eBay know if your product has been delivered if you ordered from aliexpress straight to customer?

  9. Hello i am seriously thinking of dropshipping from eBay to Alixpress. .In a Nutshell does it work this way. in a nutshell is this correct.

    1. I have eBay store
    2.I Go to supplier e.g Alixpress pick a product put it into my eBay store.
    3. Custome purchases product from my store.
    4.Alixpress ships product to customer.
    5 i get my profit from mark up and Alixpress gets there's.

    Do i pay Alixpress there profit or do they take money themselves when customer purchases product.

  10. Do you need a business license

  11. You say these ebay sellers are dropshipping as they are in china. Seems like they are actual chinese sellers that sell on ali & ebay and warehouse there products locally.

  12. Dropshippers are parasites and ruined ebay. There's no value added. You just con people into thinking it's local stock with a quick turn around time. If someone wants to order a part from China off Aliexpress and live with the long wait, at least they can make that decision on their own terms.

  13. The course you are offering, do you mean you are able to help with information of real US-based suppliers and can price it on Ebay or Facebook enough to get reasonable profit. I am referring to the conclusion section where you were mentioning something similar. thank you.

  14. what do you think of CJ dropshipping vs Ali express?

  15. So if you are this successful dropshipper, WHY would you put these videos out there which only results in creating MORE "competition" for yourself and therefore LESS revenues and profitability for yourself??

  16. if you want to dropshiping on ebay, do you need to make an adds on facebook about product or is it better to make them on ebay?

  17. As a long time successful ali-ebay dropshipper this is absolute trash information, as is most info online

  18. how things are going for you so far using this method ?

  19. Please I will be glad and grateful if someone can answer my question. If a buyer buys a product from your store and takes it directly to aliexpress, won't the buyer see it from ali express and also see the original price? Because according to my experience, when I bought a product from ali express for myself, on the outside of the product package it said the product sender's shop along with the original price

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