amazing-How To Sell on Amazon FBA – Buying Inventory on AliExpress

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What would you say if I told you that you can buy products online to resell on FBA for under 50 cents…SHIPPED! I wouldn’t believe it either, until I saw You can literally find thousands of products that you can buy and have shipped to the US for less than the cost of a postage stamp. Check out this video to learn more, and don’t forget to get your free 60 page e-book at

amazing-How To Sell on Amazon FBA – Buying Inventory on AliExpress
amazing-How To Sell on Amazon FBA – Buying Inventory on AliExpress
  1. idk what're you trying to tell. not helpful at all.

  2. Hello, nice video

    If you use Aliexpress supplier and you sell on amazon or ebay, could you tell me how explain your customer because this is ship from china, are your customers feel objected to the day length of the delivery?

  3. hey selling groceries and sell kits what you thing about that buy for alliexpress few item , for example kits for make a homemade cake with 5 item than cost less than a dollar with a recipe and a video explain how to make it step by step?

  4. Are they good quality products?

  5. Great video and lovely voice. Thanks for posting.

  6. How can you dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon without a UPC code? No Aliexpress products seem to have it. You can't buy UPC's from eBay and expect them to be safe for the long term either, with how Amazon is cracking down on that. Thank you for the info.

  7. There are so many rules amazon has if you buy internationally. You gotta contact the suppliers you gotta contact the customs broker the customs broker has to contact amazon you gotta fill out paperwork blah blah blah before it even leaves china lol

  8. What do mean "buy the product"? do first get an EIN then buy the products to be sent to your home and send to customers from there or it's sent to Amazon and they send it? Am i missing other videos? its just vague for me.

  9. I'm having fun ordering 1-2 different products on AliExpress and testing samples that way, as opposed to paying 50-75 a pop for samples from AliBaba.

  10. your voice is very nice:)) you should do voice work.

  11. Hello there,would you please tell me about shipment and also… you really need to buy it to be able to sale on Amazon for example, or you just need the virtual product to then sale it on Amazon?

  12. i can also click sites ))) no information at all, very bad

  13. How do you ship the items bought from Aliexpress to Amazon warehouse? Do you have a video on that?

  14. Stupid look title what are you speaking?

  15. The exact SAME ONE with the SAME PHOTOS was USD$8.33 with USD$8.99 shipping,
    yet you mentioned the USD$15 with FREE prime shipping

    That came across as dishonest

  16. Where does the inventory go? Do you need a storage?

  17. How would you take care of orders when it reaches thousands? literally copy n paste addresses all day

  18. Phone cases are the best. 0.50 Usd for one and then you can sell for $10

  19. Fucking Video
    Where final results for sell
    Aliexpress to amazon ???
    How to connect to amazon
    Nothing to show us how to connect and sell ?

  20. You missed the whole point… How do you add products from AliExpress to amazon fba

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