amazing-AliExpress Makeup Products: Most Beautiful and Cheap

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Let’s try the most beautiful and cheap makeup from AliExpress together with you! Is it really good or just looks pretty? And how will it work on the face? Let’s see!

Thanks for the idea to one of my subscribers! I hope you all guys will like this video and it will be useful for you. Write in the comments below, do you want to try something else from AliExpress? Or have you already tried something interesting? I’ll be very happy to talk with you, guys!

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Makeup in this video:

Highlighter HUDAVIOJI Highlighter beauty – 03

Blush CDE Smart Girl Reading Blush – 01

Eyeshadow Palette HOJO Art Silky Eyeshadow Palette – 04

Eyeliner AGAG Queen’s Scepter Eyeliner Pen

Mascara HOJO Peacock Feather Curling Mascara

amazing-AliExpress Makeup Products: Most Beautiful and Cheap
amazing-AliExpress Makeup Products: Most Beautiful and Cheap
  1. I absolutely enjoy your videos about AliExpress cosmetics, but I will never buy any of items. Package is gorgeous, and for me it seems that the product inside costs less than dollar – that’s scaaaaaaary 👻

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😘

  3. hi i just started watching your videos 🙂 do you think that the aliexpress makeup is safe to wear ? is there regulations they follow? it’s ok if you don’t know i’m just doing some research before i buy since i am on a budget 😁

  4. Can you please put aliexpress makeup [best products]

  5. I might buy the mascara cuz my eyelashes always go back to straight after mascara

  6. I really like Focallure. Better than Morphe! Way too much fallout with Morphe. Think Focallure is on par with ColourPop. Got some Ucanbe recently but have not tried.

  7. I would use the highlighter at 2:58 for like a rave or just party in general

  8. I just stumbled upon your channel and I just say your energy is beautiful! Keep going, girl!

  9. Do they sell makeup organizational items?

  10. Pretty highlighter and blush!! Wow I need to try that website.

  11. I feel the orange color blush that looks like carrot will be good for dark skinned color ladies, what do you think?, By the way thanks for the video ❤️

  12. Thanks so much for these reviews!

  13. Is it safe to use chinese makeup?

  14. I love your accent! I hope you make videos again soon

  15. I've just ordered items from Ali Express. Some of the packaging is pretty, perhaps over the top and not minimalist, but I love the look. It will take a while shipping to the UK, and I hope it's as lovely as your haul🙏❤✌🏽

  16. Love the makeup look but since you have more of a winter color palette, I’d do a more natural lip color paired with your pink eyeshadow ❤❤

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