aliexpress shopping site-How to shop on Aliexpress (China) & ship to Kenya: FAST, CHEAP and EASY

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This is how I go about buying anything direct from AliExpress China and shipping to Kenya:
After identifying the item I either add it to the cart or ‘buy it now’ then check out using M-Pesa that Aliexpress allows. I then use my M-Post address to ship it to Kenya. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks under normal circumstances. Its quite convenient considering I can access a wide variety of products difficult to get locally.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 About AliExpress
0:55 How to shop on AliExpress
2:31 How to pay using M-Pesa on Aliexpress
3:14 Shipping time from Aliexpress China to Kenya
3:51 Shipping from China to Kenya using M-Post
4:27 Outro

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aliexpress shopping site-How to shop on Aliexpress (China) & ship to Kenya: FAST, CHEAP and EASY
aliexpress shopping site-How to shop on Aliexpress (China) & ship to Kenya: FAST, CHEAP and EASY
  1. Watch this next! About the TAXES you'll have to pay after your items arrive in Kenya!

  2. What about Kenyan customs charges in Mpost

  3. When paying am not given the mpesa payment option why so?

  4. Hi..Do u have any office here in Nairobi someone can come so u can assist kindly..

  5. very helpful and informative video, thanks

  6. When your items arrive by post office, do you get charged tax during pickup?

  7. Hi, very new here, I need to buy shoes but how will they get me the right shoe size considering the size difference

  8. Thanks so much for this vid…so helpful…

  9. Hello Dickens am having a problem with my shipping order"status is saying closed due to security reasons what could be the problem

  10. Hi sir, great video
    I Shipped a stylus via Aliexpress standard shipping, its already past the date , they said it will be delivered to me, but the product is already in kenya, how do i access it or i wait for their delivery?

  11. I ordered an item on aliexpress awhile ago. I got notification tha the shipment arrived in my country(KENYA) and the tracking status showed it's at the KE customs. One week later the status changed to ''clearance at customs unsuccessful.'' Where do i start?

  12. does mpost services also work for fedex shipment

  13. Shipping cost is ridiculously high. Higher than the cost. Any tips to get items cheaper? Via agents?

  14. Always lots of value in your content.keep it up, no pressure.

  15. Is this the same Dr. Dickens Omanga who topped KCSE in 2007?

  16. Am trying to ship but the price of the item tripples

  17. Hiyo mpost nimejua leo. Thanks

  18. Just bumped into this channel after I ordered for stuff the day before. I am quite consoled now.

  19. Sasa zikifika Na Io address ya phone number ntaipata aje azin ntaendeea wapi Io kitu nimeoorder juu sielewi au ntapigiwa Na watu niambiwe niendee mahali Fulani ama aje??

  20. Can i really trust these guys? I want to buy a video capture card and am in Busia. Can they deliver to Busia?

  21. I registered with mpost and it gave my phone number as address but when I register on Aliexpress what do I fill in as the zip/postal code ?

  22. How can I find my own freight forwarder

  23. Hi, When I want to pay I am not given an mpesa option, kindly assist

  24. I love your videos. How about you make a video about shopping from flipkart to kenya

  25. Hi I'm ordering something from aliexpress but they're refusing the mpesa option what do i do?

  26. Do you buy for pole lk me who has never been into it??

  27. Why did i not understand the last bit where i can use my number as a postal address how will they reach me or deliever it at home?

  28. If i buy a phone will i be taxed?

  29. Smiling thanks on that hack mpost

  30. Hi ..why does my app have no mpesa payment option

  31. @Dkens thanx for ur informative video.
    I need to add smthng frm my experiences. Aliexpress takes forever to ship in Kenya takes like 2mnths. Another thing, the shipping cost is very high mostly i get 800 – 1000. They have no specific shipping cost.

  32. Nice work bro
    Can you import on behalf of someone???

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