aliexpress shopping usa-How to Find Aliexpress Products that Ship from U.S. Supplier – Best Selling Aliexpress Products

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Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Ever sourced products on AliExpress and felt stuck because of watermarks, reviews or other reasons that may have turned you off about the supplier? Use this one little trick before listing an item from a supplier you aren’t comfortable with.

Did you know that many of the products you find on AliExpress for your Shopify store can also be found in other US marketplaces such as eBay? I myself have tried the search function within AliExpress which allows you to search for items located within the US only and I’m seldom ever happy with what I find.

One of my favorite places to check for AliExpress items is on eBay. More times than not, ebay will have the same product for the same price or slightly more. Many of the items are located within the U.S. which is a win-win for you and your Shopify store customers. Faster shipper times increase customer retention.

Even if the items you find on EBay also ship from China, I personally prefer the response to missing items and returns on eBay vs AliExpress. Many China ebay sellers offer epacket and ship very quickly.

Hope this video has been of help to you. Feel free to post your question in comments.

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aliexpress shopping usa-How to Find Aliexpress Products that Ship from U.S. Supplier – Best Selling Aliexpress Products
aliexpress shopping usa-How to Find Aliexpress Products that Ship from U.S. Supplier – Best Selling Aliexpress Products
  1. Thanks Dallas for always giving useful information! This will definitely help with how/what I choose to order moving forward! This made my day!

  2. hello is this function still available? I cannot find it in Aliexpress now. Please help, Thanks!

  3. Hi Dallas, my question is whats the difference between shipping from US or from China ?

  4. How to find aliexpress US Warehouse or ship from Location?

  5. Even with the products that ship from the us it’s saying eta is 12 – 20 days which is very bad for me

  6. Hi Dallas, and thank you for sharing this video. I have a Shopify store, can we import US items from eBay to our Shopify?

  7. I was specifically looking for something like this. I'm in India and I don't want anything shipped to me from China right now because of the corona virus. This is perfect.

  8. Hi…..My Q's to you is. In your experience do you think is cheaper to purchase from china?? I never did any purchase from Ali express yet!!!.. but i would like to know from you before doing anything. Thank you.

  9. Can you do this on aliexpress app?


    I did not have it in the first place because I am from Europe. It appeared when I changed the settings in the very top header of the desktop site. Click the flag icon and change to: Ship to United States; Language to English; Currency to USD.

  11. Hello dallas gordon.On Aliexpress If you have products that ship to and from the united states does this mean your store should target customers from the united states only?Im confused cause on the ship to settings you only get one option to choose in terms of countries

  12. For all those that do not find the "shipping from" option. It is not there for everyone. I live in Romania and for my country it is not there BUT here it is how you can activate it: just choose another DESTINATION COUNTRY. I chosed USA instead and it showd me the shipping from bar – but I coud only choose USA or China. Then I changed my country (destination) to France – it then showed me France, Spain, China – which is ok. I can now choose where from the EU I can purchase so to avoid shipping from China. After adding item to your cart can change your destination country to whatever you live and the bar will no longer be there. Happy shopping!

  13. Dear Dallas, how can we determine the us shipping method, it seems to me it takes same time like it ship from china. Do you have any experience regarding that?

  14. Great stuff for new be us

  15. Hi how can you contact a ebay buyer to speak with them. Ebay doesn’t allow you to have contact outside of ebay? Please help this will solve a huge problem of mine

  16. What do you put for the item location that the product is coming from

  17. OMG thank you! Ive been searching for US suppliers all night with the type of inventory that Aliexpress has.

  18. exactly what i was looking for! thank you so much! i had one question. you probably answered this in the past. when dropshipping, do you collect taxes from customers who are in the same state as your supplier's warehouse? for example, lets say im selling that maternity belt from an AliExpress supplier who has a warehouse in California. Do i collect taxes from customers who live in California? ive been reading a ton of articles online but i havent found anything helpful 😭

  19. I liked and subscribed thank you

  20. How do we know who is reputable?

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