Great-I Buy Pokemon Cards on AliExpress…BUT They Sent This

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In this Pokemon cards opening I shopped on AliExpress to try & find real Pokemon cards. Are all the cards a fake scam just like Wish & Alibaba or will they be authentic Pokemon cards?
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Great-I Buy Pokemon Cards on AliExpress…BUT They Sent This
Great-I Buy Pokemon Cards on AliExpress…BUT They Sent This
  1. If you are know what you are getting (if you know they are fake), then go buy them. They look great and it's the best gift for your young kids that sees their parent get all excited with his cards and they want some cards too. But you know that whatever cards you'll buy to your kids, it will end up half chewed, half licked, covered with chocolate or ketchup, or traded for a sticker at day care. I'd rather see a $15 booster box get destroyed and traded for other useless stuff than see a $170 booster box get destroyed.

  2. ngl the blaziken is pretty cool

  3. I love getting fake cards for arts and crafts

    Some mod podge and a blank coffee table or side panels for a ps5 👌

  4. Lmao.. This right here is one of the reasons I just kinda stick with DBZ Score and DBSuper.

  5. For a kids who doesn't have money, it will be a good gift.😢

  6. Might buy a box of these for my daughter. She likes pokemon but she is 3…. How long was shipping actually?


  8. those golden metallic gards are pretty cool, tbh!

  9. It’s funny bc we know they’re fake, but the art and packs actually look pretty cool 😂

  10. Send them in to PSA and see what`s gonna happen?

  11. you should scam kids with the gold ones.

  12. I want to purchase them to play with my friends since they actually doesnt look bad at all, I know that they are not the real deal but I have no intentions to play in tournaments.

  13. Tbh I actually liked the free "cards" you got.

  14. That booster box was scarlet and purple bruh

  15. fake Pokémon printing guy, "you're fired" hahhahahah this guy…

  16. lmfaooo did yall notice they used the cAstle from Frozen on the fake crown zenith booster box ?!

  17. 0:12 Mega charizard y was renamed to… Super Fire-Breathing Dragon…?

  18. Someone help I have been searching for hours for a place to get real Pokemon cards 😭😭

  19. Am I the only one who feels a bit bad for the guys who sent the golden cards like they are scamming people but they are just a small company and did you SEE how much real booster boxes go for?

  20. And this is how trust issues start😂.

  21. For the price you pay, it's a pretty good though that's why so many positive reviews. Not everyone can afford original cards that's 5x more expensive than these ones.

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