aliexpress store wholesale products-5 Reasons To Not Use AliExpress As A Supplier

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People always assume that all dropshippers are using Chinese Dropshipping suppliers like AliExpress. AliExpress Dropshipping is dead. Dropshipping from AliExpress is by far one of the worst decisions that you can do as a dropshipper here in the United States.

In this video, I’m going to share with you the five reasons why you should not be using AliExpress as a supplier for your dropshipping business. While products of AliExpress are cheap, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind that can definitely put your dropshipping business in trouble.

Be sure to watch this video to know exactly everything that you need to know as to why you should avoid using Chinese dropshipping suppliers, specifically AliExpress. I even throw the best AliExpress alternative for dropshipping that you can use that has personally worked for me and my dropshipping stores!

In this video, you’ll learn about the following:
– AliExpress Dropshipping
– Chinese Based Dropshipping Suppliers
– Why You Should Avoid Using AliExpress As A Supplier
– US-Based vs Chinese Based Dropshipping Suppliers
– AliExpress Alternatives

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0:00 Introduction
0:52 Long Lead Times
2:44 Quality of the Product
4:05 Shady Suppliers
5:24 Returning the Items
7:03 Unnecessary Issues
7:10 AliExpress Alternative!

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aliexpress store wholesale products-5 Reasons To Not Use AliExpress As A Supplier
aliexpress store wholesale products-5 Reasons To Not Use AliExpress As A Supplier
  1. Here are FIVE reasons why you shouldn't use AliExpress as your dropshipping supplier! Have you ever used AliExpress for Dropshipping?
    Was it good or bad like everyone else? Share your thoughts down below!

  2. One reason I'm not that comfortable dropshipping with wholesale suppliers is that sometimes the products aren't that good in the first place. At least for me, many of the wholesale suppliers in the US I've contacted have a great catalog of products but many of them really don't sell and I can't see the sales volume like I can on Amazon

  3. Please what are the procedures to start a profitable Dropshiping Business ?

  4. I have not been in this dropshipping business long. I heard about Ali Express and etc and have some horror story. You are spot on in this video alot of facts you talking. I do use Ali Express I now learned to talk to the suppliers love at reviews and store rating and most importantly only use the one that have a actual us warehouse . I do want to find some suppliers and hope I do. However as a beginner learning is part of the process as well so glad to look at video and learn thank you

  5. Their accounts will be suspended before the products even arrive

  6. Bro, AliExpress takes FOREVER to arrive.

  7. I agree! I tested this out and was making profit initially, but then ended up losing some money for issuing refunds because it was taking so long.

  8. What are your thoughts on Fulfillman and Cj?

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