amazing-Best selling AliExpress products: 10 Cheapest electronics under $10 | Aliholic

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In this video we will show you the best selling electronic products of 2017 from AliExpress. To participate in the giveaway, like this video, and leave a comment with the product that you liked the most for the chance to win it: results will be announced in the new video on July 5th!


💻 Miracast –
💻 Wireless keyboard –
💻 USB rechargeable flashlight –
💻 Car air humidifier –
💻 Fast-charge cable –
💻 Dummy security camera –
💻 Toilet light –
💻 USB ‘retro’ controller –
💻 Piggy bank –
💻 Bluetooth receiver – (USB option 1)
💻 Bluetooth receiver (USB option 2)

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amazing-Best selling AliExpress products: 10 Cheapest electronics under $10 | Aliholic
amazing-Best selling AliExpress products: 10 Cheapest electronics under $10 | Aliholic
  1. Toilet lights are the best!

  2. The wireless keyboard looks soo cool!! I like it the most

  3. I love the panda money box it's just soo cool and cute. I would love to have one in my room.

  4. That toilet light is so cool!

  5. the miracast seems cool

  6. I like your video's they so cool!! They come in handy especially when you are a real #Aliholic 🙂 like the Bluetooth device and the fast charging cable!!

  7. nice selection! the Bluetooth audio receiver is my favourite

  8. I like the wireless keyboard. Will be great when I finally build my media PC.

  9. The wireless keyboard looks handy. Nice size to it.

  10. nice!! miracast is like a google chrome cast I wonder what differents it would be between the 2! really am interested in miracast!
    nice video btw! just keep on posting and you'll hit a million subs one day 😉

  11. Miracast seems legit, You don't have to carry around hdmi cable all the time, just the small device. Very useful 😀

  12. I really like the mirrorcast!

  13. Fast charge cable looks awesome…

  14. Amazing video, as always! Miracast sounds really cool

  15. Getting myself a panda right now!

  16. Awesome video, loved it, its very informative. thanks

  17. Miracast because I really want to display my android phone onto the TV. Thanks for sharing. 😄❤️

  18. I just found your channel about a month ago, and I really enjoy your videos. I find them helpful too because there's so much neat stuff on AliExpress, but I never know what is worth buying. I like all of these gadgets, but I think I would get the most use out of the Miracast.

  19. It makes me so happy that this cannel is getting bigger and better! Congrats! The miracast was really awesome…

  20. really gotta ​get a wireless mouse!

  21. Муахахаахааха ебать у тебя акцент

  22. all of these i would love to have but come on the change swipping panda. classic!

  23. I like the car air humidifier!!! cool video though

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  25. how does the hmdi dongle connect 2 your phone?

  26. I got an ad for Wish, fuck Wish. Aliexpress is the best. Wish is full of scammers and is a lot more expensive

  27. хорошие товары +доступные цены = супер!!!)

  28. 86692243001732 my order id…. I haven't get my product

  29. send me one rol i want use it

  30. Clickbait… where's the phone in the thumbnail?

  31. Payment successful but product not received

  32. WHERE IS YOUR EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ??

  33. Thank you for this vid 😁😁😁

  34. Aliexpress Review In Need!

    100% Refund after review via PP!

    1920*1080P Full HD LED Home Projector!

    Please contact me if interested!

  35. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌

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